Buying And Selling Tickets – How To Become A Ticket Broker

Not everyone that seeks to become a ticket reselling¬†finds immediate success. Often beginner ticket brokers have to go through a period of ups and downs, losing money as well as making money. It’s only until after a few weeks or even months that brokers begin to get a sense of how the industry works. Although ticket brokering can be a very lucrative stay-at-home job, tickets these days can run anywhere up to $200 each, and so each choice you make must be backed by experience if you are to have any success.

Ticket Brokering is a great business to be in. It has many good attributes. Low investment, pleasing returns, small transaction and best of all, it capitalizes on individuals already built-in passion about a sports team or entertainer. Would you like to know how to become a ticket broker? Want to start reselling tickets online? The below steps can guide you through.

Top 5 steps to do to become a ticket broker.

1) Decide where your interest are. In case you often tell “turn that down it’s extremely loud,” you probably doesn’t know a whole lot about the music scene. This does not mean you cannot ever buy and resell tickets to a concert. It is just not the best place to start.

2) Research where your seats are. Just like in real estate, this business is all about location, location, location. There is not much money to be made just by buying nosebleed seats. There is thousands of money to be made in the very first 5 rows. Can you get them?

3) Decide where to resell. There are several places to sell your tickets. We always recommend reselling in an online ticket marketplace. Some charge more than others. They have different amounts of traffic. They also have different amounts of maintenance requirements. Maintenance cannot be underrated because once you start having a big volume of transactions, you can instantly get buried.

4) Get advice. Some tips can quickly help you made better decisions that will result in you earning more cash. It could also keep you from making a few errors that could cost you money. Even if the advice cost a bit, it can save you more than that.

5) Do it. Many people only sit on the interests hearing about business ideas. These personalities never make any money simply because they never do anything. You have to go out there and do something to start bringing in the money.

Three main keys to remember.

First, you’re going to want to ensure that you are totally committed to this industry. Successful ticket brokers do not make a profit by doing this as a “hobby” or something “on the side.” To make money from this industry, you have to consider it a serious and legitimate source of income, and it’s important that you tell those close to you about your new business venture. This way, you’ll feel more compelled to succeed, and your loved ones will give you the time and space you need to make money selling tickets.

Second, you must become familiar and totally comfortable with buying tickets on Ticketmaster, as this will be the primary place where you will buy your tickets. Occasionally you will have to buy tickets elsewhere, but by and large, Ticketmaster is where the money is spent (and made!). Ticketmaster has cracked down on ticket brokers trying to “beat the system,” though there are some 100% right techniques you can still use to get the upper hand over your opponent.

For example, did you know that the best tickets are sometimes released 30 minutes or even hours after tickets are supposedly “released”? This took me months to realize, but it is a crucial lesson to understand because it means that just because you couldn’t land your preferred seats right away doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stick around for an hour longer and keep trying your luck.

Third, and finally, since virtually all your revenue will be made via StubHub and eBay, you must be comfortable selling at these two websites. It’s important to understand the difference between StubHub and eBay, such as the fact that StubHub allows no buyer/seller communication whereas eBay does, or that StubHub offers sellers free FedEx shipping, which is mandatory, whereas eBay lets sellers handle how they want to ship their tickets. StubHub prices tend to be slightly cheaper than eBay prices, and you must factor this into account when putting your tickets up for sale.

Ticket brokering is an ideal place to start a home-business or just a side business. It is the kind of thing you can start tiny and grow. So go through the measures above and start making big bucks.






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